Food Menu

Sunday Roast Special from 1pm   
Roast Beef, Turkey or Gammon Ham and the works £9 or two for £16 
Main Options  Daily  3pm-8pm  (Monday to Saturday)
1. £12.95 Home-made battered fish and chips, served with mushy or garden peas. Gluten free available on request.
 2. £11.95 Home-made steak and ale pie, served with creamy mash and fries
3. £11.95  Oven-baked  Home-made Fish Pie in a creamy sauce with cheese mash 
4. £12.95 Two Taco bowls of  smoky BBQ minced steak, served with a crispy salad and bowl of fries
5. $11.95 Bucket of Blood Burgers , with sweet chilli sauce, garlic mayo,  fries and salad. Spicy bean burger for vegetarians.   
6. £13.95 Cajun chicken fillet and bacon burger, served with fries and salad
7. £10.95 Moules mariniere with creamy garlic  and white wine , served with bread 
8. £20.95 Sirloin steak, serve with salad, fries,  with a choice of  bernaise or mushroom sauce
9. £12.95 Mushroom or Seafood Linguini  in a creamy white wine sauce and served with warm bread 
Daily specials.....also on the blackboard  
£2.50 Salad  (French or Honey mustard dressing), Charred Corn, Mixed Vegetables,  Home-made coleslaw, Fries 
£3.95 Garlic Ciabatta 
Dessert  Options 
£4.95 Sticky Toffee Sponge with custard 
£4.95 Hot chocolate fudge cake with custard 
£4.95 Almond and jam sponge with custard 
£8.95 Sharing Sundae - Four scoops of ice cream, brownie, chocolate drops, and flake, covered in strawberry or chocolate sauce with lashings of cream on top
£4.95 Single Sundae -  2 scoops as above 
£2.95 Children's sundae 1 scoop of ice cream with smarties  
Bar snacks 
£4.95 Medium Cornish Pasty - Steak, Cheese and Onion or vegetable
£5.95 Large Cornish pasty - Steak, Cheese and Onion or vegetable
£4.95 Sausage roll 
£2.00 Olives  or Pork Scratchings 
£1.50 Posh crisps and nuts 
£1.00 crisps and nuts 
Coffee Bar 
£3.25 Cappuccino
£2.20 Americano
£3.00 Latte
£1.90 Espresso - £3.00 double
£3.00 Hot chocolate
£1.00 Babyccino 

Child  Menu
£5.95 Half fish and chips 
£4.95  Sausage beans and mash
£2.50 V Bowl of chips 
£2.00 V Toddlers mini tomato pasta 
£4.95 V Tomato pasta with cheese
£4.95 V Nacho bowl with grated cheese and salsa 
£4.95 Panini with fries, choice of tuna, ham or cheese
£2.00 V Garlic Bread 
£2.95 Children's sundae - 1 scoop of ice cream with smarties 
£1.95 Lemon Sorbet 
£1.00 Fruit juice drinks 
Bucket of Blood T-shirt 
£12.95  Take away the scary pub sign-board on your  new shirt   
 Small, Medium , Large and Extra Large